Northern lights Campsite

Peace river Campground

Hundreds of Americans come to this campground every year to enjoy the various activities, nature, and campgrounds. It’s fun for the whole family!

Forest Pack



Restricted within campgrounds but kid-safe and great for beginners

  • Basic facilities, medical kit and maps for staying near the campground
  • Indoor activity kits for adults and children
  • Heated pools, free ice cream and access to go to a game room
  • Free wifi and internet rooms for workers on the go. Stay for the week!

River Pack



Visitors have access to serval rivers, fishing and swimming locations

  • Boats, fishing rods, and life vests are available at these extra locations
  • RV’s, Golf carts, ATV’S & Canoes are available for adults or teens with adult supervision
  • Wines, Beers and other drinks are on the house!
  • Special events like Fossil, Bigfoot, or Deer hunting go on after sunset! Book for 2 weeks

Mountain Pack



Climb up the highthest mountains & hike the deepest woods! Just come home before dinner!

  • Hiking trails, mountain climbing, and handgliding are available for the brave
  • Selected Survival classes, books and merch are free
  • Outdoor wifi, choose betwwen hotel or tents, and movie nights are free in our Home theater
  • Stay for as long as you want or leave whenever you wish! No Commitment needed