Freedom is...

Can be defined in many ways. In our museaum, we were founded on the principals in freedom of speech,worship, the freedom to want and from fear.

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The Four Freedoms

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This exhibit explains the importance of speaking your mind. letting others listen to you, and solving our problems together. One Individual at a time.

The freedom of worship is a long-time staple in American culture. Learn more from this exhibit on why this freedom is so iconic

We strive to want, to keep, & to hold dear. Whether it is material things, family or memories, this is a special privilege that every American should be thankful for

And this exhibit displays our deepest fears and how we can avoid them. If we do not learn from the past then How can we learn from the now?

Van Goh's Painting on Vr

Your Virtual Freedom tour

Watch as your favorite paintings come to life! See our new exhibit where you can walk through the most iconic paintings using the latest VR technology. Learn more on our newest safety measures or watch from home!

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For School

Let students learn about the Civil Rights Movement and their other freedoms using these resources

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Interactive Experiences

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Digital Collection and Resources

Norman Rockwell Museum houses the most significant public collection of Norman Rockwell’s work in the world. The Museum’s holdings include original artwork, and the artist’s studio and its related collection, including personal memorabilia, supplies, and reference materials.

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A Fantastical Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Norman Rockwell Museum invites your participation in a most unusual juried exhibition of contemporary sculpture and installation art. Artists working in all media are invited to submit proposals for Land of Enchantment, a juried exhibition held in conjunction with the Museum’s upcoming exhibition, Enchanted: A History of Fantasy Art, opening on June 12, 2021.

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Sketch Club & Sketchatorian

These videos are constructed to teach you not only the fundamental elements of drawing but also how to incorporate techniques that add realism to your images.

Current Exhibittions (Re-opening February 4, 2021)

Join three Imagining Freedom catalogue authors – outstanding scholars who will bring little known aspects of the Four Freedoms and Rockwell’s famed paintings into view. What did these stand for in their time? How did they shape perception and generate support for the war effort? Who were they speaking to and who was left out? What do they mean to us today?

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Keep Shaping America!

We appreciate any donations to keep the spirits and education of Americans high, so that they can continue learning about the history of their freedoms, rights, and liberty to keep on shining!

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