4 Freedoms

Four Freedom 75th Anniversary Event!!

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On Septermber 8, 2018 the Norman Rockwell Museum To Host Four Freedoms Festival Day from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

There you will learn more indepth information about the history of the Rockwell & Roosevelt Four Fredoms dureing WWI, and enjoy great entertainment from our guess performers.

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Learn Brief History


It's January 1941. War rages in Europe, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt must convince Americans their country will have to enter the war against the Nazis.

So, in the midst of one of the most dire periods in history, he delivered a speech. Key to that speech, the "Four Freedoms" – goals he believed were worth fighting for.

The Speech

Franklin Delando Roosevelt's Four Freedom Speech

This Speech

Was a fail UNTIL...

Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell took Roosevelt's words and translated them into iconic American images

Image of Norman Rockwell Freedom of Speech painting

Freedom of Speech

Image of Norman Rockwell Freedom of Worship painting

Freedom of Worship

Image of Norman Rockwell Freedom of Want painting

Freedom of Want

Image of Norman Rockwell Freedom of Fear painting

Freedom of Fear

Today People

People have taken Norman’s paintings and reinterpretulated what the four freedoms mean to them in mordern time either by taking the original image and transforming the people in them or by recreating their own version of the Four Freedoms.

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