Think small.

Our little car isn't so much of a novelty anymore.
A couple of dozen college kids don't try to squeeze inside it.
The guy at the gas station doesn't ask where the gas goes.
Nobody even stares at our shape.
In fact, some people who drive our little

flivver don't even think 32 miles to the gallon is going any great guns.
Or using five pints of ooil instead of five quarts.
Or never needing anti-freeze.
Or rocking up 40,00 miles on a set of tires.
Thats becuase once you get used to

some of our economies you don't even think about them any more.
Except when you squeeze into a small parking spot. Or renew your small insurance. Or pay a small repair bill. Or trade in your old VW for a new one.
Think it over.