All About CSS
Pros and Cons of CSS
Pros Cons
Constant Debugging
Ability to replicate design across page Building with CSS could be inconsistent
Easy to Learn Building with CSS could be inconsistent
Elements become computer based Easily get out of hand due to lengthy code
Supported by most browsers
Native browser css; less resources
One file, easier to update
Slow speed - extra resources

What Are Classes and IDs

Classes Apply to a Specific element in html and are denoted by a period in CSS.

Ex. < p class="blue" > / .blue { } This will apply to one specific element in the code.

ID Selectors apply to one specific element at a time for significant elements;
denoted by the "#" symbol in CSS

Since they target one element at a time, ID selectors can only be used once on a page
for significant elements such as highlighting or making a specific part of your code different from the others parts.


Cascades determine which styles are assigned to an element or the order of importance determined
on the specificity of the element and the placement by the coder.