Question 1

What are the pros and cons of CSS and what are the parts of a CSS rule?

Pros Cons
Consistency Debugging is difficult
Allows you to replicate design accross pages Building with CSS could be inconsistent
It is supported by most modern browsers It does not support older browsers
It is only one file and therefore easy to update It can easily become very lengthy
It has very good font support

The parts of a CSS rule are the selector, property, and value.

Question 2

What are classes and id's?

Classes are a type of attribute where you can use multiple ones on the same element or use the same one on multiple elements. Id's are also a type attribute, but only one can be used for the same element and only one of each Id can be used per page.

Question 3

What are cascade, inheritance, and specificity and examples of each?

Cascade is CSS's way of resolving conflicts where multiple rules apply to the same element by assigning weights to each rule and choosing the one with the highest weight. Inheritance is a CSS mechanism where certain properties applied to a parent element will be be passed down to a child element inside the parent. Specificity is similar to cascade in that weights are applied to the rules, but these weights are assigned based off of the selector to determine which rule will be assigned to the element.