CSS Design?

Students will apply the fundamentals of visual communication and typography acquired in prerequisite courses and advance their knowledge of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to plan, design, and develop standards-compliant, visually attractive web pages. Students will learn to separate style & content from structure to create effective, accessible web pages.

Design. Students will research, plan and implement their creative ideas from thumbnail sketches to working web sites. Emphasis will be placed on ideas, concepts, images used, color schemes/theory, typography, and navigation.

Technical. Students will focus producing interactive projects for the Internet with an emphasis on functionality, navigation and layout design. Site planning, architecture, communication, and advanced web techniques will be taught and explored through out the semester.


HYBRID mean?

This class is a hybrid course which combines traditional in class learning AND online learning. This class meets less times than a traditional course. However, this does NOT mean the course is less work. It is imperative that you understand that you will be required to do a fair amount of independent learning by completing online assignments. Each class meeting will there will be a question/review period where concepts can be addressed as needed. Plan on a minimum of 3 hours a week in work outside of class that will need to done to show your progress throughout the semester.


Do I need to check Atlas?

Students are required to check their Atlas email account on a regular basis for notices. To effectively communicate with our students, Valencia uses e-mail as the primary means of notifying students of important college business and information dealing with classes, registration, deadlines, financial assistance, tuition and fees, etc.

Students are experiencing problems with receiving Atlas e-mail when their e-mail is forwarded to other e-mail providers (such as AOL, earthlink, etc.). Some of these providers, with their new improved Spam blockers, are blocking the Atlas e-mail from professors when they send information to the whole class (often with attachments). As a result, students are missing important e-mails from professors, financial aid, registration and the Business Office. Valencia prefers that you not forward your Atlas e-mail to any other e-mail provider. But, if you feel that you must forward your e-mail please notify your e-mail system's (AOL or other) anti-spam configuration to allow e-mails from any valenciacc.edu or valencia.cc.fl.us domain. Students are responsible for any official communication sent through Atlas e-mail.


Special needs?

Students with disabilities who qualify for academic accommodations must provide a Notification to Instructor (NTI) form from the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) and discuss specific needs with the professor, preferably during the first two weeks of class. The Office for Students with Disabilities determines accommodations based on appropriate documentation of disabilities. Please contact (campus phone number) for more information.

Please note that students presenting you with disability paperwork often means we are expected to make reasonable accommodations for those students based upon what that paperwork is recommending. this, however, does not at all mean that we're required to give students additional testing time for andy of our hands-on industry-focused exams due to students needing to meet minimum industry expectations regarding speed and accuracy -- even in the case their paperwork indicates it.



Valencia College is interested in making sure all our students have a rewarding and successful college experience. To that purpose, Valencia students can get immediate help with issues dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties, substance abuse, time management as well as relationship problems dealing with school, home or work. BayCare Behavioral Health Student Assistance Program (SAP) services are free to all Valencia students and available 24 hours a day by calling (800) 878-5470. Free face-to-face counseling is also available.



Just as in the workplace, due dates are considered deadlines. For that reason, no assignments, assessments, discussions, exercises, or projects will be accepted late. You will receive a zero for anything not submitted by the deadline. Failure to meet deadlines will affect your performance in this course.


Attendance & Participation?

Regular and punctual attendance is required. Discussions, demonstrations, in-class lab time and critiques are extremely important to your success in this class. The instructor reserves the right to reduce a student's final grade based on multiple absences or being late to class. You will be contacted if this becomes an issue and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Students not taking the course with sincerity and seriousness enough to come to class are encouraged to withdrawal to prevent a reduction in their overall GPA.

Per Valencia Policy 4-07 (Academic Progress, Course Attendance and Grades, and Withdrawals), a student who withdraws from class before the withdrawal deadline of NOVEMBER 10, 2017 will receive a grade of "W". A student is not permitted to withdraw after the withdrawal deadline. A faculty member MAY withdraw a student up to the beginning of the final exam period for violation of the class attendance policy. A student who is withdrawn by faculty for violation of the class attendance policy will receive a grade of "W". Any student who withdraws or is withdrawn from a class during a third or subsequent attempt in the same course will be assigned a grade of "W". Any student that misses the final day of class will be assigned a "F" for the semester.

Students should come prepared to work each class and bring materials as required. Lectures and demonstrations are given at each class meeting, so it is advised to be punctual. Some special demonstrations can be offered on a one-time basis only. If lectures or demonstrations are missed it will be the responsibility of the student to get necessary information from another student at some time other than class time. Roll is taken at the beginning of class.

Everyone is expected to participate in the critique process, which can be an insightful learning experience. The critique is the perfect place to polish your communication skills; there are no jobs on the line, egos to be crushed or company politics to worry about. Just put your best self and work forward. Although personalities will not be graded (just your oral presentation), remember that you will need to have these skills already when it comes time to interview for a job. No job is completely isolated from personal contact. Be ready to present your design completely; explain how and why you came to your final design, how the design and message tie together and anything you learned while working on the piece (helpful discoveries or frustrations experienced).

NOTE: any in-class assignments may also have mini critiques/presentations.


Devote to this course?

All students may utilize the labs during open lab periods, and it will be necessary to spend the appropriate time necessary in order to meet required due dates. Open lab hours will be posted at the beginning of each semester on the department website: multimedia.valenciacc.edu. If you use other computers to do your work, you are responsible for file compatibility, using the correct version of the software, and correct usage of fonts. Corrupt files, broken disks, software incompatibility or missing fonts are not considered excuses for late projects. Students may have to save files in older software versions so that they may work at home or in other campus labs that are still running older versions of software. Make use of any time available to you here to work on your projects.

The lab is in constant use and computers are not infallible. Save early, save often and when disk space allows save incrementally. Windows users especially should be aware that Windows will sometimes corrupt files with erroneous information at the end of a file. This doesn't always affect their usage on the PC they were created on but those files will be unopenable in this lab.


What's that all about?

During the planning stage students are encouraged to interact, but all work should still be done by the student turning in that project. You should not allow anyone to use your mouse or keyboard to complete any part of a project. All work turned in under the name of each student is expected to be that of the student turning it in. Printing without payment (in labs where required) is considered cheating. Cheating of any sort will not be tolerated. If caught cheating, you risk receiving a 0 (zero) for that project and the potential to be withdrawn from the class. Lab personnel may assist you if you are having problems with the operation of the computer or to answer questions concerning software applications, but they are not to do any part of your work nor are they tutors. Plagiarism or Copyright Infringement is cheating (refer to your Student Handbook)


Can I really copy?

During this course you will be expected to create web pages using html & css you learn in this course. You may have heard that many web designers "copy" or use existing codes available through template or resource web sites. It is imperative that you understand that the work in this course must be your own and utilizing code such as templates from outside resources is not acceptable. You are however encouraged to reference and resources tutorials and other resources on the web to develop a stronger understanding of the code used to built web pages. If you are caught utilizing a preexisting template for a project you will receive a zero for the project and risk being withdrawn from the course.


Will we be doing in this class?

This class is comprised of exercises, projects, online Blackboard participation and assignments, and a computer hands on exam.

Exercises. In most cases, it is not possible to make-up exercise as most are due by the end of class (see schedule), so it is important to come to class regularly. These exercises may take the form of hands-on exercises, group exercises, or simply turning in what you have done by following along in class.

Projects. Four projects will be completed this semester.

Blackboard assignments. Blackboard will supplement this course to provide additional resources and increase interaction beyond the classroom. You will be expected to check Blackboard weekly to complete assignments, check email, and participate in class discussions. You will be given specific assignments for selected weeks. All Blackboard assignments must be completed prior to the next class meeting unless informed otherwise by the instructor.

Final Project Critique . Because this course focuses intensively on practical hands on experience, there will be no final exam. However, you must be present for the final project critique during the week of final exams. Failure to do so will result in a zero for the course.

To receive credit for a course for which you are registered, you must take the final examination. It is your responsibility to know when and where the final examination is scheduled and to be present and on time. You may be absent from a final examination or deviate from the examination schedule only with approval by the professor. If you do not take the final examination you will receive the grade you have earned in accordance with the requirements of each faculty member as outlined in the course syllabus.


In this course?

The final grade will be determined by grades earned on required projects, in class exercises, exams, Blackboard participation, and weekly progress on projects. You will be graded on a point system, where you are able to earn up to 1500 points total this semester.

A = 1500-1350
Exceptional achievement, demonstrated in work of keen understanding and optimal mastery of course competencies. Earned for exemplary work, clearly beyond the requirements. Great job, portfolio quality.

B = 1349-1200
High achievement, demonstrated in work of consistent effort, intelligence, and mastery of course competencies.Good job, almost there.

C = 1199-1050
Satisfactory completion of course requirements and mastery of essential course competencies. Okay, nothing special, just a number of many.

D = 1049-900
Unsatisfactory completion of course requirements and an unacceptable grade for prerequisite or graduation requirements.

F = 899 or less
Failure to perform required work or to master required course material and competencies. Unspeakable work, consider another profession.

Assignment Value Earned
Exercise (5 @ 40pts each) 200  
Project 1 225  
Project 2 300  
Project 3 350  
Responsive Web Design Project 275  
In class & online participation 150