United for Puerto Rico

For this project you will be designing a poster for United for Puerto Rico. The poster should motivate and inspire people to help as they can. The web url ( and hashtag #UnitedForPuertoRico should be on the poster. The final poster will be in HTML format using HTML and CSS techniques. Images are not allowed on the final poster. The template for the HTML poster will be provided for you.

Technical Requirements

You must demonstrate your proficiency with XHTML & CSS during this project. Keep in mind the following guidelines prior to uploading your projects:

Design Comps (50 pts)    

Design comps due by specified date, quality, design and correct number/type of comps completed. Failure to submit all requirements can result in a zero.

Design Considerations      

Design Improvements
Color scheme
Style & Use of imagery/graphics
Top fold / Hero section
Content Organization
Target audience
Gallery Design
Concept - the "idea" behind your design.

File organization (separate directories for assets, images, css, fonts) (5 pts)    
Appropriate file size, file format, image quality      
Technical Considerations (40 pts)    

Digital recreation must look 99% like the original poster
Poster should be built using the provided template.
Correct font used properly (@font-face, etc.)
Use of CSS3 or javascript techniques
Use of SVGs
Links to pictures (all pictures appear - no ? marks)
Proper use of HTML/CSS syntax
Proper use of CSS Positioning
CSS formatting. Name all CSS rules.

Presentation (5 pts)    

FTP site (Do NOT FTP source files (photoshop, illustrator, flash)
Comps should be removed
Presented project in a professional manner
Effectively communicated concepts
Participated in class critique & assessment of projects

Total: (100 pts)