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7 Reasons To Go For An African Safari During Your New Year’s Vacation

Every traveler makes plans for that one last trip in the year-end to wind up the entire year with a bang and wish to start the new year with some amazing experiences. When it comes to backpackers, soul-searching solo travelers and budget-minded thrifters like ourselves, we try to make the most out of a trip. A destination in other words, what you call an ‘All-out experience’, is what we look for. Africa is one such place that pulls out all the big guns when it comes to enthralling its visitors, and we got lucky to get a chance to strike off an entire continent in one go. And even if a continent-spanning adventure is not something you’re looking for this year-end, any sane minded wildlife and nature lover would go gaga with the idea of an African Safari, anytime basically!

Quite in contrast to some popular beliefs, these African safaris can turn out to be an affordable experience and prove to be an excellent value for money. Most of these safaris (that is all the good ones) meals, sightseeing, accommodations, activities like game drives, safari, walks, etc. basically leaving you to think about only your transportation expenses. So, an African safari at the end of 2017 means keeping your budget pipeline intact for your travels in 2018. Now that is pretty dope!