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The great Lady Susi Rivera was named after Chief Executive Officer, Robert D. Lawler, the first clown of the company.

In a company where everything happens so fast, sometimes you ought to stop and have fun, eat more chocolate, ride a bike, get a new hair style and/or wish everyone smiles at your selfie!

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OPERATING REVENUES -8% $444,306 12%
If we don’t…hmm. If we don't fixed our table, specify a cell width, then we will be assigned one that depends on their contents. Notice how the cell with the more content here is more powerful.
All employess take part in calculating the widths, not just the CEO and his assistant. Notice how the dimensions here are different than the previous months.
If we specify a width, it will not always be free of charge. Our company has a width of 600px capable of substituting any other company's width, ever.
If we prevent word wrapping, the table can become so wide it grows beyond its container, inflating the price of electricity by 55%. …this text-overflow: ellipsis needs to be displayed -cause I have to practice more this preformatted class.
Our company large images and blocks of code can also cause the same electric issues to all our clients. chesapeake team photo


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Distributes natural gas through its Delaware and Maryland divisions to approximately 60,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Delaware and portions of Maryland. Additionally, Sandpiper Energy, Inc. distributes propane and natural gas to approximately 11,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Worcester County, Maryland.


Distributes propane to 37,000 customers in Delaware, the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia and southeastern Pennsylvania. Sharp AutoGas fuels over 280 vehicles through 14 propane fueling stations in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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Chesapeake Utilities Corporation is a diversified energy company that provides superior service to its customers and communities. For more than 100 years the Company has successfully delivered safe, secure, reliable and efficient solutions that are environmentally and economically smart. Chesapeake positions itself for long-term growth that creates superior value.

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Making the difference!

Serving our customers together

At Chesapeake, we see our communities as an extension of our Chesapeake family. We all live in the communities we serve and strive to create meaningful connections with our customers. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to serve our customers and provide energy resources in a safe and reliable manner – and we take this responsibility seriously.

As a team, we strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience. In 2015, Chesapeake Utilities Corporation was honored with the “Excellence in Business Award for Corporation of the Year.” This achievement is based on significant contributions to the business community and the positive influenceChesapeake has had on making Delaware a better place to live and work.

“I am honored that we have been recognized as a leader in the Delaware business community,” said Michael P. McMasters, President and CEO. “We take special pride in our communities. The teamwork, innovation and drive of our employees enhance the image of business in Delaware. Chesapeake has continued to grow, creating jobs for Delaware, successfully serving its customers and making a positive impact on local communities.”

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