Natalie Lauletta

Exercise 6

Picking the Right Cursor

Extending Clickable Area

Custom checkboxes

Toggle buttons

De-emphasize by Dimming

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De-emphazie by Blurring

Come to Mama- Lady Gaga

Everybody's got to love each other

Stop throwin' stones at your sisters and your brothers

Man, it wasn't that long ago we were all living in the jungle

So why do we gotta put each other down When there's more than enough love to g-g-go around?

Come to mama

Tell me who hurt ya

There's gonna be no future

If we don't figure this out

Dude in a lab coat and a man of God

(Come onto mama, come on, mama)

Fought over prisms and a forty-day flood

(Come onto mama, come on, mama)

Well, I say rainbows did more than they've ever done

So why do we gotta fight over ideas?

We're talkin' the same old shit after all of these years

Scrolling Hints

  • menu
  • ginger ale
  • tums
  • cup
  • tumblr
  • hand sanitizer
  • napkins
  • moisturiser
  • water

Interactive Image Comparison