This paragraph has hyphenation set to auto, but it only seems to work in my Firefox browser. :(

Inserting Line Breaks

Espresso Shot:
sm. 3.99
lg. 4.99

Zebra Stripes

So let's say I want each line of text to have color stripes in the background without having to code it as a table or wrap each line in it's own div.


This box has ligatures turned on. Some words that may use ligatures are aesthetic, floral, finish.

Using Fancy Ampersands

Ice Cream & Cake

Custom Underlines

Too lazy to cry.

Realistic Text Effects

This text has a letterpress effect

This text also has a letterpress effect

This text has a glow effect

Circular Text

Beverly Hills 90210 Beverly Hills 90210 Beverly Hills so 90's

Adjusting Tab Width

function myFunction() {
    var x = document.getElementById("nav");
    if (x.className === "nav") {
        x.className += "responsive";
    } else {
        x.className = "nav";