How did you feel designing under time constraint?

The experience was stressful, but to a certain degree, it was freeing. I learned a lot about the way I think and create, as well as things I might be able to fix about my current process. Designing in such a short period of time forced me to think faster and to be less picky about ideas. Instead of struggling to come up with “perfect” ideas, the pressure made me try out ideas as they came to me. My mindset was that a decent idea is better than no ideas at all, and I managed to complete more work than I thought I could initially, even if it wasn’t up to my standards.

What was your reaction when you had to switch? How did you adapt?

I was mostly concerned with technical problems I would have to fix and design choices that I would disagree with. However, I think switching helped me get away from my default design choices and it gave me a fresh perspective. I only had the start of a header to work off of, but there was just enough color and type to help guide my design choices. I also tried to incorporate some of the ideas I intended on using in my own design since they seemed to fit.

How will this prepare you to work in the industry?

As mentioned in class, I will have to deal with tighter deadlines and occasionally have to take over someone else’s work. I think this exercise will also help me improve my process and workflow, as well as my ability to work in stressful situations.

Starting Site

starting site

After Switch

completed site after switch