My 1st Web Page 

My very first web page

Your name (and any nickname you'd rather be called)

Derrick Williams

Have you taken an online course before?

yes I have

How many hours per week do you think you will need to spend on this course in order to be successful?

about 8-10 should do

What are your degree/program or career goals?

To receieve my AS degree in graphic design print

What is your learning style and do you think that it will help or hurt your ability to succeed in this course? (Don't know? Take this quiz to find out!)

I am a visual learner

What do you hope to learn in this course?

I hope to refresh my skills with HTML

What was the most important thing you learned in chapter 1?


Are you a Macintosh or PC user?

I have a PC but I want a MAC

What text editor are you using?

on my PC I use notepad or notepad++

List 3 interesting things about you -- Make two of them true and one of them should be a lie!

1. I enjoy attending art shows.
2. I like codeing
3. I once walked on the moon with Neal Armstrong