How do you feel designing under time constraint?

I feel like I design better under pressure. It can be slightly challenging at first when a time constraint is given because you are trying to wrap your head around your motive and also trying to figure out how you want your design to look like. But as I start designing the more I feel like the pieces start falling into place.

What was your reaction when you had to switch? How did you adapt?

I was shocked at first, but also very intrigued. At first I just started at Hannah's design for a solid ten minutes trying to figure out her thought process, where she was going with her design, and how can I finish this design? I liked where she was going with it, so I continued going with her design route. I feel like if I had more time I would have changed more of the design. But I felt like I adapted well with my given time.

How will this prepare you to work in the industry?

I think this really helped with preparing me for the industry. I know it's really common to work in teams so if someone is out and they ask you to takeover on a time crunch, this was a perfect exercise to practice that.

Design Comps

Where I started:

starting comp

This is where I ended after I switched

finished comp