Mars With Bunny Ears

Mars Argo

A video featuring Mars Argo was released 6 months ago on XVTVI’s Youtube channel entitled Everybody Wants it All where she appears to be webcamming with a friend. She says that she is happy to have someone to talk to because she has no one else. At one point in the video, she asks, "this is funny, right?” The video contains a secret message that can only be revealed by playing it backward, reminiscent of the Beatles' famously backmasked songs. The hidden message is revealed to say: "If you want it all, you cannot be distracted by the illusion you've created. Only when the mind is silent you can see clear enough to enjoy your life and forget about your desires. Your desires are irrelevant.” There is a new channel that popped up called Wheres Mars Argo? that is posting a lot of her old videos now, it is thought though, to just be a marketing plot to boost the popularity of That Poppy.

Using You

The official music video for her song, Using You, was released on January 13, 2015. It was originally filmed on October 28, 2013, directed by Ryan Wehner and using the Johnny K version of the song. It's currently the most viewed video relating to Mars Argo, having accumulated over four million views as of August 25, 2017.