1. How did you feel designing under time constraint? I felt a little stressed but at the same time I think it helped me work quicker and efficiently. It did not give me time to second guess myself, so I think I worked a lot faster than I would have if I was not timed.

2. What was your reaction when you had to switch? How did you adapt? I felt nervous at first because it is not something I have experienced before. I adapted by first just relaxing and looking at everything that I was working with, then I looked for assests that I needed like images, icons, etc. After, I organizing everything I needed in a way that was confortable for me, and then started working on the file.

3. How will this prepare you to work in the industry? I think this will prepare me because it is a way for me to practice my time management. Part of being in the industry is working under a time limit and under pressure. Deadlines are a priority and in order to meet them I have to learn how to work quickly and efficiently. I think it is a good exercise to practice even with our own class projects.

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