Article by: Casey Rivera

Hello fellow artists and designers! This week I wanted to feature something more personal for my HTML and CSS exercise so I chose to feature a recent project of mine from another class. My first assignment in Advanced Graphic Design 1 was to choose an important social or environmental issue and create a poster series with a impactful message. Each poster features messages that are effective individually but also complement one another. For my topic I chose Suicide Prevention/Awareness because it is one that is close to my heart and has personally impacted my family and I. 

The subject of my posters features the message "Choose to keep going; one day at a time." I created this message using a series of common phrases or quotes and combining them in a new way. The main theme for both posters is transition between night and day, the birth of new opportunities that come with the start of each day. The meaning behind the design emphasizes hope over tragedy and focuses on the positive outlook for individuals suffering from suicidal thoughts or depression. It was also crucial for me to make these posters colorful and eye-catching in order to cast a bright light on the subject and set the tone for my message which is positive and hopeful. There is so much wonder in a warm sunset and so much promise in the dawn of a new day and I want those who are suffering to see what I have seen through my art and to find meaning in their lives like I have because it allows me to work through rough periods in my life, one day at a time.

The First Poster In My Series:

image of suicide awarness poster

The Second Poster In My Series:

image of suicide awarness poster