Designing under a tight deadline is great practice for producing web page comps in a short amount of time and it comes with a lot of pressure! I felt uprooted from my workspace when I was told to switch projects with another student because I was so deeply enveloped by my vision for the Skate Reflections website that I didn't consider my organizational skills in my photoshop document and workspace so handing off my file to someone else was very nerve racking. As a designer this exercise taught me more about colaborating and sharing work. I noticed my organizational skills needed a lot of work and organizing my workspace and files more so that is easily understood by others. Also another important factor is not to fixate on small adjustments for a comp and just laying out a majority of the content and images first then going in a perfecting small details in order to create comps that are closer to the final product. This will also improve my time managment skills if I'm able to delegate how much time to spend on each section of my webpage and to allow more time for editing and refining content.

Matthew R's Original Comp

 Matthew R's original

My Redesign of Matthew's Comp

changes made by Casey R