The Legend

Humble beginnings

The legend was born in a bygone era of lust, treachery and deceit - the days of the buccaneers. In tall-masted ships, these bandits of the seas plied the warm water off the west coast of Florida in a ruthless quest for treasure. This is the saga of one such pirate, the most feared man ever to sail the Gulf - Harpoon Harry!

Known as the Scourge of the Caribbean, Harry was a rogue of unparalleled cruelty to his enemies. The long harpoon he kept at his side found its mark on many an unsuspecting foe.

At a young age, the magic of the sea called to Harry like a sensuous siren. By age twenty he had attained the rank of Captain on the Whaling ship, La Porta. However the wild fury of a mighty hurricane soon brought Harry's dream of pursuing great white whales to an abrupt end. The La Porta went down like so many before, shattered like glass against a coral reef. Luckily for us, Harry survived! A passing pirate ship - The Cassiopia - came upon Harry, alone on the seas, clinging to his harpoon and a bottle of old Spanish rum.