comp I started comp I finished

Question 1- Designing under a time constraint made me panic initially when I heard about it, but it was also fun and such a good challenge. It was the perfect amount of pressure because I felt (mostly) confident that I could do it but at the same time I knew I had to be efficient with time and make quick decisions.

Question 2- When I heard I had to switch I felt self-conscious because I didn't know if mine was good or not and I didn't know what the other person would think. I also didn't want the other person to think I ruined their design. Besides those feelings, I actually enjoyed that they had started it for me because the initial inspiration is the hardest and when that is set then you have a direction in which to continue.

Question 3- I think this exercise will prepare me because I experienced the pressure of working under a time crunch and also of working semi-collaborately and taking over ideas that maybe were different from how I would have done it.