How did i feel designing under the time constraint?

I felt like all i learned went out the window as soon as there was a timer set on me. Compared to when I have a month to do it or three weeks. i felt panicked.

how I felt about the switch and adaption?

I felt even more scared because i wasnt used to this sudden change, it was scarry because i had all my content in my head but i left almost a blank slate to one of my classmate. But once i saw my classmates i was a little confused trying to adapt or honestly not sure how to proceed because my first thought was try to follow his higharcy. and i tried my best to mimic his style.c

<3>how it will prepare me it'd prepared me for that feeling of i need to be ready for when a coworker quits or is sick and It was a new experience to me still i only did it in graphic desigm two years ago. i Gotta be better with the time constraints and the feeling of working on another person project.

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