How did you Feel about designing under time constraint?

Designing with a time constraint, you can definitely "feel the pressure", but that's whay it's like in the industry when you're working as a professional. Sometimes a client needs something and they need it quick so you just gotta roll with the punches and get it done.

What was your reaction when you had to switch? How did you adapt?

My reaction was an audible "oh no she didn't", in a joking way of course. Was very caught off gaurd and suprised but I also thought it was cool. I was a little like "Dang!" because I spent a good amount of time before we were switched on designing a logo for the company and was proud of it, but I was like "Dang, I dont even get to keep it now." But Amanda was right on when she said "sometimes you'll be in the situation where you have to pick up where somebody left off and finish the design project. I ended up getting switched twice. The first time I was switched, it was to Karen's computer, she had a really good thing going and a great design already set up. Was excited to continue to work on her project. But I ended up getting switched again and when I was switched, the person who's computer I had, didn't have much of anything done, so it was pretty much like starting from scratch. It was nerve wrecking at first but I just got to grinding and ended up with a webpage I'm happy with!

How will this prepare you to work in the industry?

This excercise is one I learned so much from. The most important lesson being, you never know what's gonna happen, but regardless of what does happen, you gotta roll with the punches, work under pressure, and get the project done, or a t least as much as you can, by the time you need to get it done by.

screenshot og beginning comp 1 draft