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Hello, Seattle 2017

It has been a difficult year for the Antonowicz family, so my mother and I have decided to take a trip to Seattle over Thanksgiving break. I was stationed in Tacoma, WA (an hour or so from Seattle) from 2010-2012, and my mother came to see me there. We could use some actual holiday weather and some fresh scenery. We already have a long list of old haunts that we want to visit!

Things to Do...

Pike Place Market Pike Place Market is obviously first on the sight-seeing tour. There are many iconic stores in Pike Place Market, including the original Starbucks, the Gum Wall, the famous Flying Fish seafood stall, and the massive underground shopping complex. However, we are most excited about visiting a Polish restaurant called "Piroshky, Piroshky" and a Northwestern art store featuring local artwork.
Visit Pike Place Market

Vase Foater The Tacoma Glassblowing Studio is one of our favorite destinations. We can buy local glass pieces or blow our own! They also have famous glass pumpkins. During my time in Seattle, I made this vase and floater, complete with Puget Sound sand and shells. My mother, whom has only been once, made a bowl. This year, we will switch items. They will have to ship the items to Florida, but it will be worth avoiding cross-country flight drama.
Visit the Tacoma Glassblowing Studio

Point Defiance The Point Defiance Zoo is another must-see on our trip list. It is one of the best zoos I have ever been to - small and intimate, with lively animals in a beautiful location. I was there when their first Clouded Leopard cubs were born, and I'm so excited to see them all grown up five years later. You can feed birds there and see a lot of Pacific Coast mammals and fish. There will be NO swimming on the trip- temperatures will be in the high 40s or low 50s.
Visit Point Defiance Zoo