Tequeita Dixon's World of Art and Music

In the beginning there was art

I started out doing art at a very young age. I always love to draw cartoons and just like every other little girl I enjoyed coloring books. I fell in love with a cartoon called "The Simpsons". A fun fact is that I was so in love with Bart Simpson that I told my mother I was going to marry him. I would draw scenes from "The Simpsons". That is where it all started but later in middle school I was interested in drawing real people. I honestly did not know that I can draw so well. It was like I just picked up a pencil one day and was like, "hey I can draw". When I started out my artwork was not that great but I kept pursuing it. I started using other mediums like charcoal. Later in 2009 I started painting. The same thing with painting my paintings at first were not that great. As I continue painting on canvases and t-shirts I got better and better. Now my paintings look realistic and I even dabbled in airbrush. I have not mastered airbrushing yet but I do plan to work on that.

The url to my favorite singer's website is http://tamarbraxton.com/

And then there was music

I started out doing poetry when I was in high school. I used to perform spoken word poetry and front of my congregation at church. I played around with rapping. I was not that great at it but I did enjoy writing. I 2006 met a famous singer and I was able to give him a drawing that I did and read him a poem. Before I met this singer I had a dream that I met him. Everything in the dream played out in real life except for I dream that we made songs together. At that point I was convinced that the dream was not complete. I immediately started writing songs and going to music conferences. I originally wanted to be a songwriter but I could never find a singer and I decided to wrap my lyrics. I recorded two demos. My first demo did not do that well I did not get that great of a response. I did not give up though I kept pushing forward writing song after song until one day in the studio I knew I had a hit. I knew because everyone in the studio was dancing. From that point forward I continue writing recording and performing.

The url to my favorite website is http://www.cyphercircuit.com/