How did designing under a time constraint impact you?
I do not work well under pressure so the time constraint had a very negative impact. I was extremely nervous and scatter-brained and felt like I forgot everything I ever learned about PS and web design.

How did you react when you were told you had to switch designs? How did you adapt?
I felt very excited when we were told to switch designs. By that point I settled in and calmed my nerves down a bit, so I was willing and excited about the new challenge. I was also glad to have the experience since this is a real life scenerio.

How will this exercise prepare you to work in the industry?
I know that this is something I will encounter in the future, so I will already have this experience behind me. I will be better prepared next time and not as afraid when something like this is sprung up on me.

This is a snapshot of the design I started

comp 1

This is a snapshot of the design I finished

comp 1