As soon as I got switched to another computer with no explanation of layer structure, I felt a lot of anxiety. I noticed there was no clear logic to where the layers are. The names of each layer was random and didn't give me much information to move forward. The first thing that I did was hide/reveal each layer to understand where he was coming from. As soon as I started to see where things could be paired up, I made groups to help myself move large elements together. I also wanted to understand what his vision was for the final. He had two main colors used and I felt they were both very distracting, so instead I used a grey as the footer and orange as the button hover states.

This experience will definitely help me as a designer because I can empathize with others that will be working on my files. It will make me more conscious to always stay organized for myself and others. I would imagine that working in a team environment is very common in graphics, so organization is just a polite way of working together and keeping the peace. I think it is also important to layer everything with a logic that makes sense to people. Even if it makes sense in my head doesn't mean it will make sense for everyone else.