Thrifty Fixer Upper

Today I discovered that buying a home is not as easy as it sounds. I thought a couple layers of paint on the walls and I should be good to go. Not necessarily, with the inspection, I learned that I would need a new shower soon since the grout might actually leak water into the walls. Yay! I love the idea of a new shower! But on top of that the original paint was a dark maroon red with original carpet in the bedrooms. Although they are only aesthetic, they will be costly. Money is money after all. As I looked at the list of to-do's, I realized my dream home wasn't there yet.

So here I am trying to understand all of this rennovation stuff that I'm definitely not used to as a renter. Understanding the difference between materials alone is a huge under-taking. Now I get why people hire contractors. However, one thing about me is that I'm thrifty, I know I can to get this under control if I just take a little time and research. For a while, I was thinking about painting the doors and baseboards with a spray gun and doing it myself to save on labor costs. Turns out even that is expensive too! Guess this entire home reno will have to be DIY-er! in the meantime, I can keep my sanity with a little help from Disney, Let it Go! things will happen the way they are exactly meant to.

To Buy New Doors or Paint Existing? My Thoughts:

After doing a cost analysis, I have discovered one big problem. Buying doors can easily get super expensive! Don't think I'm trying to get custom made doors here. I am looking at pantry and closet bi-fold doors. Nothing crazy here. Just a bunch of 24" and 36" opening doors. For the doors I need, prices range from low $80's to $200's. The bigger the house, the more expense. You are truly paying per square foot. Totals for all of them would bring me to around $800. Seeing these numbers was heart breaking. I want to get creative with it but not break the bank. This first hurdle was what made me realize, it's a lot more than I first imagined! Time to get thrifty!

entry way with brown all over

My Final Decision

After researching the process for painting, I realized I will be doing quite a bit of prep work to make varnished wood paint ready. This type of material is on my baseboards, the doors, moulding literally everywhere. This situation just keeps getting better and better. So I did a lot of research and found a great resource that helped layout the guidelines for what I want to do with the trim. Thank goodness for the power of Youtube and technology! The answer was truly a no brainer after doing simple math. Paint the existing doors and don't worry about the fancy stuff. Those things can come later!