How did designing under a time constraint impact you?

At first it was a little stressful, but once we were thrown into it, it was really fun and opened my eyes as to what I can accomplish on short notice!

How did you react when you were told you had to switch designs? How did you adapt?

Since I was not expecting that, my first reaction was panic. Then after a few moments, I made up a wireframe with what I had, what else was needed and followed my plan. I think this was a great excercise as it showed us what we can accomplish in these time restraints.

How will this exercise prepare you to work in the industry?

This exercise demonstrates what will inevitably happen to us in the industry at some point. I think it was a great practice and helps us know how to react in this situation. I had many takeaways!

Pic of Design - (James) Before:

scuba page before

Pic of Design - (Santana) After:

scuba page after