Socket's Pad

Socket the Jack is a charismatic gent with a weird sence of style. He's a firey character who's passion know's no bounds.


I was an avid artist in my late middle school - early highschool years. In particular, I loved making my own character designs. I started out with "Sonic the Hedgehog" characters, but by Highschool I started to attempt full body character designs. I was interested in a game called "Undertale", a game where you can kill or spare the foes with in the game. There are these heart shaped souls that are characterized by different colors, representing the best traits of human kind;

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During my first year in Highschool, I was making a set of characters based on these soul traits, but I was trying to make a character to fit the idea or "Bravery". I knew I wanted a robotic character, but wasn't sure how to execute the idea, until I have the idea of making him a Jack in the Box. Eventually he ditched the box for legs, and I made him into a more "jester" like character. This guy grew a whole lot, and is now the character I love to use the most. Even though I don't have videos out not, I plan to make him the main mascot of my Youtube Channel. Here's a link