My Favorite Artist: Audra Auclair

About Audra Auclair

Audra Auclair is a Canadian artist whose work has spanned across many mediums. Her work has been exhibited internationally in a variety of formats. Although she has achieved a Graphic Design degree, she instead specializes in exploring the surreal and beautiful female form as well as expressing the complexities of mental illness with her transcendent fusion of fine art and illustration. She is praised for bringing awareness to current issues through a blend of pop art and fantasy. Her figures are expressive of various emotions the artist feels through an array of honed technique and stylization. Audra has worn many hats during her career freelancing, running her own online store, selling her art, gaining a following on youtube and designing various products. In her personal life she enjoys walking through rainforests, swimming in rivers, and travelling.

Audra Auclair's Process

I think it is something that takes time and effort. Just like learning how to draw it doesn't come immediately. It can be a slow process that shouldn't be forced. Instead of focusing on style you should worry about your foundation. Worry about drawing poses, facial expressions, bones, muscles, animals, trees, buildings, shading techniques, textures, etc.. Worry about learning all of the fundamentals and eventually with the knowledge you’ve gained your mind will bend your work into it’s own style.

Audra Auclair's Work

The Spell that Befell Her