Learning Module 11 Assignment

Things I've Learned

These are the top then things I have learned in this class so far (not in any particular order):

  1. I learned how to use relative linking, when pages are located on the same server.
  2. I learned that URL stands for "Uniform Resource Locator," and means the entire web address, while a domain name is just the "example.com" piece of the URL.
  3. I learned that validation is great to use, to make sure my site is correctly coded.
  4. I learned it is better to use the <h1> to <h6> tags for creating headers, rather than the <p> tag.
  5. I learned that you can link in external style sheets, rather than writing all the code in the head of a page.
  6. I learned that there are five font families: serif, sans-serif, fantasy, cursive, and monospace.
  7. I learned that tags inherit the style of their parent tags, unless specified otherwise.
  8. I learned that you must specify the type of HTML you are writing by putting <!doctype html> on the first line of your HTML file.
  9. I learned that you must also specify the character set you want your browser to display.
  10. Perhaps most importantly, I have learned that HTML is for structure, and CSS is for style.


These are five online resources that I have found useful while taking this course: