Practice for M07 sub

Adventure :)

On the HTML file, you must have the following elements: Create a parent containing div that contains all content and applies a "container" class. Create 2 child nested div items that are nested inside the "container" class. Give the first div a class of "item1" and the second "item2". Somewhere within one or both of the nested divs include the following:

CSS Requirements

Using the CSS file, you must style the following:

Your container element should include the following:

Your body element should include the following:

  • Apply a background color of your choice.
  • Style your body copy and font size
  • Your heading tags should include the following:
  • Should be be different sizes and be of a different typeface than your body copy
  • Your links should include the following: must be a different color other than the default blue and must not have an underline.
  • Should have a hover style so that when it is hovered the link appears differently.
  • Once you are finished creating these files and styling, you will upload this exercise to (Links to an external site.) – copy/paste the link to submit in canvas to this exercise to receive credit.