Hi! My name is Teighlor!

aka: How I fell into a really ironic career

I'm pretty new to graphic design, but my other passion is sewing, which I've been doing for about 10 years! I learned from my grandmother, and have gotten to work costuming and sewing with companies such as Disney, Universal, and currently, Levis. One of my favorite thing to do in sewing is chainstitch embroidery, a manual type of embroidery that is done with no digitizing what so ever! I do my work on my machine I named Josephine (after Josephine Baker).Heres a pic of something I created:


So why am I taking these classes?

aka: Why I have given up on sleep

So I'm taking these classes for a couple of reasons. Originaly it was my hope to one day start my own sewing studio, and I would love to offer in house custom fabric. To do this, I wanted a base knowledge of not only the graphic design that would let me create my own logo and branding, but also to give me some knowledge of surface pattern design. Now, I still have that dream, but I'm really just enjoying learning something new. I'm taking everything 1 semester at a time, so we'll see how things go.

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