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Grease was released on June 16, 1978 one of the most beloved Broadway shows of all time became one of the most beloved films of all time when Grease hit cinemas to the most lucrative box-office reception in American movie-musical history.

Since then, the timelessly funny story of 1950s teen love, cliques, and peer pressure has gained fans in every generation, thanks to a charming cast, a catchy soundtrack, colorful cinematography, and endlessly quotable lines.

The songs “Grease” (sung by Frankie Valli), “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” “You’re the One That I Want,” and “Summer Nights” all became top-10 Billboard hits, but only “Summer Nights” came from the original Broadway production. The other three songs had been written specifically for the film.

“Hopelessly Devoted to You” wasn't even written until the film was halfway done.Also, it wasn’t recorded and filmed until everything else was complete. Received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

Travolta’s two conditions for agreeing to play Danny were that he could sing “Greased Lightnin',” even though Kenickie sang it in the stage production; and that he had to have “blue black hair like Elvis Presley and Rock Hudson in the movies” because “it’s surreal and it’s very 1950s.”

Carr made a promotional deal with Pepsi; the set decorator didn't know that. When the producer saw footage from the movie featuring Coke products he went “ballistic,” according to Kleiser. The Coca-Cola logos were blocked out with an optical printer. It was impossible to cover with the technology available at the time.

Most of the main actors were far too old to be in high school.Stockard Channing (Rizzo) was 34 when the film was released. Newton-John was 29. Jeff Conaway (Kenickie) was 27. Travolta was 24. Jamie Donnelly (Jan) was 30 during filming, and had to dye her hair from her premature grey to black.