freedom of speech

freedom of worship

freedom from want

freedom from fear

To be black in America, you have to endure white supremacy. You have to fear the police. To be American, you have the luxury of saying,'They should have complied.'

To be black in America, you have to hope someone recorded your compliance because you may no longer be around to defend yourself.

nicholas gibbs


Black men and women in America have wanted freedom of speech, but they were supposed to be silently aquiescent in all aspects of their life.

An American can’t believe that they have the basic human right to freedom of speech when countless executions of their brothers and sisters have proved them otherwise. Too many people have had to choose silence in order to avoid death.

Too many
have silently suffered.

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be the
for future


It takes more than a tweet or a post. It takes courage. It takes practice. Practice kindness to everyone as religiously as you practice social distancing. Stick up for minorities when you witness injustice, opression, and racism.

Practice love.