support those who risk their lives

We are all a part of this earth, we should grow
to help others as they would to help us.

Every donation, small and large counts as a big part
into what these paintings were originally made for.

freedom of worship freedom from want freedom from fear freedom of speech

Four Freedoms

In January 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered his state of the Union Address in which he identified essential human rights which must be protected. This address now which has become part of the Atlantic Charter is also a part of the Charter of the United Nations.

In 1943, Norman Rockwell created a series of oil paintings that are in portrayal of Roosevelt’s State of the Union Address. These paintings: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom From Fear, and Freedom From Want now sit in the Norman Rockwell Mueseum.

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We are all part of a nation that protects and defends the ideals that we were built on freedom for all. Check out some ways for you to give back to those who risk everything for us.

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