The Four Freedoms were goals articulated by United States President

Franklin D. Roosevelt

On Monday, January 6th, 1941. He proposed Four Fundamental Freedoms that people "everywhre in the world" ought to enjoy. These being Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear.

Time-line of events leading the paiting by Rockwell



A nationally recognized illustrator, inspired by the Four Freedoms Speech saw the oppertunity to illustrate the Four Freedoms as a chance of a lifetime.

Rockwell's Four Freedoms-Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from want, Freedom from fear-were first published on February 20th, February 27th, March 6th, and March 13th, 1943 along with commissioned eassys from leadin American writers and historians (Booth Tarkington, Will Durant, Carlos Bulosan, and Stephen Vincent Benét, respectively).

The Four Freedoms

Freedom from Want painting by Norman Rockewell

Freedom from want

March 6th | 1943

Freedom of Speech painting by Norman Rockewell

Freedom of speech

Feb 20th | 1943

Freedom from Fear painting by Norman Rockewell

Freedom from fear

March 13th | 1943

Freedom of Religion painting by Norman Rockewell

Freedom form religion

Feb 27th | 1943



A dotted background with a Black Women otlined in a red silouette wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirt talking through a megaphone with her arm raised, hand in a fist. Action lines protrude from the end of the megaphone.

There has been a deep rooted mentality in America in regaurds to racism, segregation, and equal rights. That in most communities these are never questioned, when in fact it's a right for all people. People of all walks of life have been fighting for their rights as Americans, their rights to speak, and more recently their rights have been ignored.

America's racist attitudes and actions have been boiling after the abolition of slavery, MLK and his peacfull protest, and every injunction since. More recently people have seen a rise in police related deaths of black men and women in America. So much so that riots have broken out followed by country wide protest demanding justice for those wronlgy killed and seeking action to stop it in the future.

Image of Patrisse Cullors standing in front of a graffitti wall smiling with one fist up, raised at the elbow smiling gently.

Patrisse Cullors

Executive Director and Board President

Join the global movement

Sign up and donate to help buinsess, families, and victims get the help they need. As well as staying up to dat on current events

A dotted background with a refugee family (mother crying) otlined in a red silouette.

How can I help?

  • Visit the International Rescue Committee
  • Educate yourself on current events
  • Donate what you can, it doesn't have to money time is also welcomed
  • Look for community outreach programs
  • Pass on the word to friends and family

"Freedom to worship God in his own way, anywhere in the world" - Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • A key catalyst for these increasingly harsh immigration policies and discources has been the question of religion, and in particular, Islam. Religion has become the primary characteristic by which refugees are imagioned and understood., resulting in three main false assumptions
  • 1. Since the majority of refugees are from countries where Islam is the dominating religon, they must therefore be Muslim. The reality is that many refugees are Christian, Atheist, Baha'i, Druze, or Yazidi, as well as Muslim
  • 2. Not only are all refugees assumed to be predominatly Muslim, but they are all Muslim in the same way, Ignoring the numerous variations in beliefs, rituals, and practice across understandings of what it means to be Muslim
  • 3. The concurrent rise of the mass displacemnt and violent extremism (sterotypically associated with Islam) has resulted in a complicated entaglement where "refugees" equals "Muslims" equals "terrorists" in public discourse and conciousness. This contributes to the belief that all refugees are terrorists adn prompts narrow policy responses primarily concerned with security rather than solidarity and humanitarianism
A dotted background with an iceburg melting outlined with a red boreder

Reducing your impact

  • Don't overbuy
  • Get to know your groccer
  • Check the use-by dates of fresh food when you buy it
  • Plan ahead
  • Love your freezor

Since 1901, the Earth has warmed over 0.7 ° C. Warming in our future is heavily dependant on our actions in the short and mid-term. Glaciers and sea ice are already melting at increasing rates. The ice loss of about half a metre during the decade from 1996-2005 is about twice the ice loss during the previous decade and four times the ice loss during the decade before.

This all can be traced back to human interaction. From the agricultural revolution in the 18th century, to the turn of the century and the industrial revolution. Developing new building practices and going green in all sectors can help slow down and eventually stop global warming.

A worker disposing of food into a 6 foot pile of rotting food

The expansion of technology and humans worldwide has impacted out food as well. Grocery stores filled with hundreds of items are restocked weekly and fresh produce and meat is thrown away. Some of its donated and that taking a step in the right direction, but we need to do more!

A dotted background with an a street of homless people living in tents and standing outlined with a red boreder

America as a nation might not be fearful of other nations but there is fear in it's individual states. The Freedom from Fear painting was inspired by parents not having to worry about bombs destroying thier home while they sleep as World War Two raged in Europe.

America has a gorwing homeless problem, community awareness problem, healthcare epidemic, and mortgage crisis. All of which instill fear in the people that live in it. The black commmunities of this country are targeted by Police and are kept so underfunded and uneducated it's no wonder why there are drug wars and gangs. When you're supressed for so long you to act.

There are community organizers that are fighting back and working to lift up their communities, and give future generations a fighting chance.

Photo or Breonna Taylor painted onto a baskball court to remeber her

Breonna Taylor

Killed by police during a no-knock search while she slept