Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

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Where joy hides & how to find it

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How I held
my breath for
17 minutes

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Your elusive creative genius

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How to revive a neighborhood: imagination

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Deep sea diving ... in a wheelchair

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Drinks, Dinner & Drama

We've got something for all appetites

savor an assortment of craft beer, premium wine, & refreshing cocktails

modern bar scene

featuring a delectable & diverse menu from our gourmet kitchen

theatre couple reclining scene

enjoy all your favorites including popcorn, candy, nachos & more

concession stand scene

enjoy our

unique films, furnishings, and filling fare




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clock showing 20 and 45 min hands

arrive early
(20-45 mins)

icon of food menu

& order

icon of bill

then pay

couple reclining in theatre, view from their perspective

what people are saying about us

“You can't beat the great service and the leather recliners with ample legroom. I'm so used to going to other theatres where all the seats are smushed together. I was shocked on how much you like room I actually had here. I also like the fact that the dining menu is full of affordable options. I'll be back!!!”

five reel/star review

Hester J. Facebook Review

“This is the way to see a movie! Will not go back to the regular theaters. It is so comfortable to recline and have a table space, much more like being at home. I could even order a beer. The local craft beer is great! The food was great and the service was prompt. I'd definitely recommend this place again!”

five reel/star review

Anthony K. Google Review

“The staff is super friendly. They have gluten free options. The waiter was willing to double check everything. It's not a gluten free kitchen so there’s a risk of cross contamination but the waiter let the kitchen know about my situ. Will be coming back! Thank you for the gluten free options!”

five reel/star review

Tina S. YELP Review

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