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Without Name (2016)

Drama | 1H 33M

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the movie heredity poster

Heredity (2018)
Drama/Thriller | 2H 7M
Rated R

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the movie it poster

It (2017)
Drama/Mystery | 1H 15M
Rated R

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the movie conjuring poster

The conjuring (2013)
Horror/Mystery | 1H 52M
Rated R

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black coffee drink

Special Drinks
Every Season

Enjoy our delicious drinks every season and when we select movie themes every week. Dont miss out try one today!

Each drink is made with dolor amet cloud bread, green juice lyft meh cray scenester keytar flannel squid man bun pickled seitan echo park. Tousled celiac green juice.

About us

backyard theatre playing starwars

Salems Dine in Movie theatre serves as a minimalistic goth approach to a movie theatre.

The company is owned by a couple, Guillermo and Evelyn who loves dark culture. They started off small at a backyard in their home in san Antonio, California.

They focus on delivering horror movies from classics to new ones coming out. They recently bought a new building where they will turn into a movie theatre and the husband, Guillermo will create the Foods as he went to culinary school.

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salems theatre building chef who cooks food
house for witches