Midterm Elections are coming up this November...

Midterm Elections are known to have a lower turnout rate than presidential elections.

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Are You Voting?


turnout rate for 2014

compared to the 60% for the presidential election.

of the eligable population vote

for presidential

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of the eligeable population vote

for Midterms

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not a test right


Not a test but it does help to be informed. For midterm elections, we vote for:

States also decide “ballot-Initiatives” or issues that voters might be asked to decide (like gay marraige, policies on gun control, approving tax increase...etc. ) to be put on the ballot for election day.


should I


The BIG Issue

is the battle between the Republican and Democrat.

This matters because

should the president’s party have majority, the more chance his policies and bills have a chance of being voted through.

fight for the values you want

Gun Control Gender Identity


can I do


Your Voice should be heard

Become involved, more informed, and get to know more about upcoming candidates. Most importantly, go vote!


Thank you for your time

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