Euro Cruise Home

The hero will be used as a slide show to illustrate the promotions shown. The nav will be a drop down that will bleed into the hero image due to content, however every hero will have a fade out towards the top so its not to interfere with the content on the nav. The second slide show will be bubble images just to show and interact (users will be able to click or switch images). Images with text boxes(buttons) will be clickable links to redirect users to another page or "deal"

Home Page Home Page Home Page Home Page

Euro Cruise Rivers

Since there is an abundance of content on the page, the links will be converted into a clickable accordion, the subcontent found on the accordion will be displayed to an auto width, since there is different amount of content per subsection there is no use for a set width. All content following the subsection content (footer) will adjust automatically to the margins set (it will not be fixed at the bottom)

River Page River Page

Euro Cruise Booking

For the booking page the fill form is set with a background image and drop shadow, this gives it a floating effect against a "relaxing" backdrop(img). fill form is simple however all buttons on the website will have a hover effect turning white with black text instead of the set defult transparent with white text. Fill form will also desplay required fields incase the user misses a step.

Booking Page


The site is designed to be simplistic look. The user can navigate and see choices to choose. The colors are dark to have the images pop out more with contrast. The logo is based on a compass rose, not only a tool but a symbol of navigation, sea, open waters. The images showcasing the cruise customizations, promo ads and River selection will have hover effects turning the buttons black with white text and background images turning into information about the promotions.