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My Top 5 Favorite Halloween Movies

This are my favorite Halloween Movies, the grinch is considered a Christmas movie, but it is definetely one of my favorites.

The adams family Hocus Pocus Beetlejuice Casper Edward Scissorhands How the grinch stole christmas

My top 5 favorite Halloween candies

I came to USA when I was 18 so I spent my whole childhood in colombia, this is why all of my favorite candies are from there and until this day they are still my FAVORITES

Sparkies Barrilete Nucita Bon Bon Bum Jumbo Brownie

My favorite Halloween Memory

I have a ton of memories from halloween. when I lived in colombia, My sister andrea and I always had this competition of who would get the most candy, we always had fun with the most insignicant things. it was a silly thing, but we always had fun doing it. The prize for the winner was just the title. Halloween in my country is a big time holiday too it is also called "Dia del NiƱo" (which means "Children day). Adults and children alike dress up in costumes and make up. Employees in many offices, banks, supermarkets and retail stores also wear a simple costume, face paint or special make up. Children use the expression, "Tricky, tricky Halloween" to ask for candy and they not only get candy but also gifts, balloons and ice cream.