Our Kawaii Dream..


Chibi Chub is a sushi Japanese restuarant with a Kawaii theme. We want our customers to experience a new creative life style that is part of Japan's culture.

We offer an unique experiences with our high quality food, great prices, fun employees, and creativity. Each day in our restuarant we have different events and themes so customers could join in the fun as well!

Come make your own experience!

We allow cosplay and do interesting events so you, our customers, can join in the fun that our employees are having. We encourage our customers to dress up for our events. Our events are different everyday. Our food will follow the theme and we have games as well.

  • Hours:
  • Mondays 11am-2am Tuesdays 11am-2am Wednesdays 11am-2am Thursdays 11am-2am Fridays 11am-3am Saturdays 11am-3am Sundays 11am-12am