I'm Claire,
a Graphic & Interactive Designer.


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My name is Claire Monnier.

I am a Graphic and Interactive Designer from Paris living in Orlando.

I am graduated in Graphic & Interactive Design from Valencia College. I have a passion for layout and love creating interface for web. My goal of my design is to keep it simple, and focus on the content with a good usage of typography to convey the message to users. So the user can interact easily throught the interface, and get the message of the design.

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Branding: Beautiful Paris

Paris is one of the most romantic city in the world.
You could spend a wonderful journey in Paris through its iconic
and historical monuments, gastronomy, and culture.

Beautiful Paris Website
Advertising Beautiful Paris: Bridge Alexander III Advertising Beautiful Paris: Eiffel Tower Advertising Beautiful Paris: Museum Louvre

Branding: Hero Be a Donor

Be a donor to become a Hero.
You can donate what you want blood, eggs, or organs to feel like a Super Hero!

Hero Website
Mockup: Stationery Hero Branding Mockup: Buttons Hero with type of Blood

Branding: Thai Thani Restaurant

I designed the rebranding of Thai Thani restaurant. Their current brand is really cartoony and doesn’t feel cohesive for a Thai restaurant. My goal was to use Thai culture in my concept. I wanted to create an elegant and modern design by using some key elements of Thai environment such as mandala pattern and buddha shape. Every client would take a culinary journey through Thailand with plenty of aromatic and exotic flavors.

Thai Thani Website
Mockup: Thai Thani Restaurant on a tablet Mockup: Packaging Thai Thani Restaurant Advertising Thai Thani Restaurant Advertising Thai Thani Restaurant Advertising Thai Thani Restaurant

Ad Campaign: Longchamp

Promoting the variety of Longchamp's products.
A bag for any occasion.

Mockup: Advertising Longchamp Mockup: Advertising Longchamp Mockup: Advertising Longchamp


Claire Monnier

Graphic & Interactive Designer

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