Erin's Site

This was the site I began working on at the start of class. I definitely struggled a bit because I usually have a lengthy "pre-design" process that involves me doing research before beginning work, so I was worried I wouldn't finish. I only had the barebones down before Jeff asked that we switch computers and continue working on another person's project. I explained my ideas and what I planned to do to finish before leaving my work to Adrian to finish.

I think Adrian sort of got what I was going for, at least in the footer anyway. I would have used much smaller sections of text and chosen different pictures.

I also had plans for typography that I didn't get to impliment before the switch.

It definitely needs more work.

Dayo Scuba home page

Adrian's Site

I would be lying if I didn't admit that I took a lot of the ideas I originally planned to used on my site and attempted to impliment them on Adrian's instead. I wasn't a fan of the colored margins he had used along the sides of the page, effectively making the site seem cramped and squished.

I also made changes to the typography and added more images.

I ran out of time to finish the footer, but I started adding social media icons right before our time was up.

Dayo Scuba home page