Exercise 5

My first composition before the switch Composition of the final after the switch

When it comes to time constraints I think I do pretty well, I am able to act well under pressure and in some cases better under that circumstance. I beleive in a time constraint it would affect the decisions you make. With having less time to research you have to make professional decisions without much of a thought process behind it.

When asked to switch I wasn't prepared for it but I think once I knew what was happening I was able to get back in a good head space to start designing again but with a different approach. The biggest diffucilty I had was understanding how Angelica layed out her layers, I usually organize mine in folders so it was hard for me to navigate through her design. She had good progress and I thought she had a good layout which made it easy for me to finish it off. I design a little different, I like to design in sections so I have parts 95% completed and it allows me to make little changes in the end if needed. I thought she did a great job!

This exercise definitly taught me a few lessons that will help me in this industry. I was not expecting the switch in the slightest but I know this will happen a lot of times in the real world, so I need to be prepared for anything.