My thoughts on exercise 5

How will designing under a time constraint influence you as a designer?

It will definetly have a huge impact on the time I spend brainstorming and coming up with ideas. I've gotten so used taking as much time as I need to come up with an idea, obviously that needs to change.

When you were asked to switch how did you react? What challenges did you face and how strong was the other student's progress and file organization in comparison to your own when you switched?

My overall reaction was fear and embarrasment simply because I didnt have much done by the time we switched, but i did leave enough to let the person taking over know what direction i was going with. The person I took over for had a lot done but their layers in photoshop was a bit disorganized and it took me a while to figure out her set up before i was able to tweak things how she wanted them.

How will this experience prepare you for future work as a designer?

This tells me I need to just work much faster and make sure to leaave behind as much notes and thumbnail sketches as possible while im working so that the next person who takes over if need be isn't left wondering what I wanted to do.

My original Comp


Finished Comp


Comps I took over for

before after