Best West Indian spots near Valenica

Welcome to page! I'm here to tell you bout the best Caribbean/West Indian spots near Valencia that gives you the best bang for your buck!
We're all College students looking for great places to eat for the best price and for the hearty amount of food!

Annie's Roti Shop

Store front of Annies Roti shop.

Annies Roti shop is one the West Indian places near Valencia. Literally around the corner not too far.

Alvin's Cuisine

Store font of Alvin's Cuisine

Alvin's Cuisine is not too far, but it is just down on west Colonial Drive, if you go on between thrusday and Sunday, you can get some really good Jerk Chicken and Fries

Singh's Roti Shop

Store front of Singhs with a customer walking inside

Just like Annies they sell the similar food but here they sell the Guyanese version of West Indian/Caribbean food, They where here before Annies

Honorable Mention

Sign of Lakshmi plaza, lising, Bombay Cafe, House of Spices Store, and Perana's Boutieque Beauty Salon

Bombay cafe is in a palza called Lakshmi Plaza on OBT it is a vegetarian and vegan resturant. I would HIGHLY recommend the Somosa Chaat