Exercise 5

Ravi Persaud's comp


Davi's comp


How will designing under a time constraint influence you as a designer?

Working within a determined timeframe made me think a lot faster and influenced me to pay attention to small details even more, as I kept on checking the screen to make sure everything was alright.

When you were asked to switch how did you react? What challenges did you face and how strong was the other student's progress and file organization in comparison to your own when you switched?

Honestly, I didn't have a negative reaction. I took it as a challenge in the sense of to do an even better job compared to my peer. I tend to have a slow workflow and that's something I need to work on myself. Although, we were both working on the first section of the page.

How will this experience prepare you for future work as a designer

As designers, we're constantly challenged to work better and faster, and I think experiences like this one will happen in the future and will be a reference as how fast and thorough I should design.